Volume 2, Issue 4: Practicing the Art of Play

 Dirt Path Press

May 2012

Practicing the Art of Play


Did you notice that we missed last month? Between March’s call to Put on Our Own Oxygen Mask First and May’s call to Practice the Art of Play we seemed to have missed April all together. We’ll call that “Accepting that We do the Best We Can, 1; Boundaries that Stress Us Out, 0.”

It seems the concept of Rest and Play are on the minds of many great thinkers these days, so we thought we’d tackle one at a time: Play. Play, it seems, opens our receptors to all kinds of great things, the likes of improved health, happier mental disposition, and even allows us a window into our true nature. It turns out who we really are can be found in who we were in our childhood, when mortgages and interest rates and profits were something for adults to deal with. Us? We just played. When I think about who I was at five years old, the animals and the school supplies and the card games and the love of my grandmother’s garden…it’s not only who I am, but also who I want to be.

This month’s “What We’re Reading” tackles the issue of greatness by way of practice. While we may be born with certain dispositions, none of us is born great at anything. The difference between good and great comes down to one fundamental thing: meaningful practice. What if, we wonder, we combine practice and play? Might the curmudgeon-ness of our growing up being tempered by the deep practice of play? I, for one, am going to give it a go.

In gratitude for the gift of play and the time I allow myself to engage in it,

Nicole Lusiani

Founder, Dirt Path Publishing

What We’re Watching

Want to spent a joyful hour (or 3) on youtube? Search “Animals Playing Together” and you’ll have yourself a ball. While there were several great videos to choose from (including a mesmerising one with a horse and a dog, and another we felt particularly drawn to because it showed the absolute sweetness of a well-raised pit bull), in the end we could not tear ourselves away from the delight of a baby’s laugh and the joy of playing with her dog. Baby, we feel the same way!


What We’re Reading

Got 10,000 hours? According to The Talent Code, a bestseller written by Daniel Coyle, that’s what it takes to achieve real success. Although it may seem daunting, it’s actually quite liberating because, as it turns out, greatness isn’t born, it’s made. Coyle draws on both neurology and research to uncover this simple reality: to allow ourselves to practice deeply and meaningfully is to allow ourselves the ability to be great. 
Click here to learn more about the book.
This Month’s Story

This month’s story takes us to one funny lady to show us what happens when we turn frustration inside out. Jenny Lawson’s blog makes us laugh out loud and this one, “And that’s Why You Should Pick your Battles,” might be the best of the bunch. Rated PG-13 for language, we give it an A+ for Play.

Read the Story
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