Volume 2, Issue 3: Putting on Your Own Oxygen Mask


 Dirt Path Press

March 2012

Putting on Your Own Oxygen Mask

Greetings!     The motto at Dirt Path Press this month is “Put your own mask on first!” We are all so busy taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves; the irony is, unless we take care of ourselves, there is nothing left for other people.

For the last several weeks my husband has been asking me to accept “good enough,” to be gentle with myself, to do what feels counterproductive in order to be productive. I heard the words and my weepy eyes told me they were true, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Until I did. Read this month’s story to find out about my baby steps toward asking for help.

I’m hoping those metaphorical baby steps will lead me to literal steps, the kind of steps that come with exercise. I just found out some amazing things about a person’s body and soul that made me think I wasn’t hopeless after all, and that it is possible even as I creep up on 40 years old to be healthier than I ever have before. I’ve been passing this book around for months and now, I pass it on to you.

In gratitude for the ability to (finally start) taking care of myself,
Nicole Lusiani
Founder, Dirt Path Publishing

Quote of the Month     Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. Janis Joplin
What We’re Watching

We at Dirt Path Press have admired Ellen DeGeneres for a long time. Anyone willing to risk their career for the freedom to speak her truth is our kind of girl. This video of her standing tall in the face of bigoted intimidation reminds us that there is no better way to take care of yourself than to stand up for yourself.     Watch the video
What We’re Reading

On our nightstands this month is Deepak Chopra’s Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. Did you know that approximately every six months you have essentially a whole new body because almost every cell has regenerated? That means no matter what condition we’ve allowed our bodies to tolerate, we constantly have the opportunity to right the wrongs and start anew. Full of biological and spiritual insights, we encourage you to check it out. Click here to learn more about the book.
This Month’s Story     Is “fine” my aspiration? One day, if one of my sons was working as hard as I am right now and was offered even the most minor of breaks, would I want him to say, “No thanks, I’m fine?”   Read the Story
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Dirt Path Publishing is a company dedicated to helping people find alternative ways to deal with life’s everyday challenges. Inspired by our founder and her beloved dog, Mario, we have abandoned life’s concrete path of certainty for a dirt path, including all the joy and chaos it brings. We’re proud to have the Dirt Path Press as our premier publication and look forward to full length works in 2012.

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