Volume 1, Issue 9 Minding Our Own Business


Dirt Path Press


Volume 1, Issue 9

September 2011 


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Welcome to the ninth issue of Dirt Path Press, an online newsletter written for anyone willing to tell the truth about life’s everyday challenges.

In this month’s story, I make a confession: I’ve always got my nose in somebody else’s business. Why, you ask? Read on and find out what intention lurks behind the busy-bodies in your lives.

This month’s OurStory reminds us that keeping tabs on each other may not always be a bad thing. Ten years ago our nation came together in tragedy. The tragedy still strikes a chord in our hearts but I wonder, how many of us remember the part about how we came together? For days and weeks afterward we watched out for our neighbors and their children because we were struck with the heartbreaking reminder that, if nothing else, at least we have each other. I don’t want to feel the way I felt that day ever again, except for that part.


The dirt path issues its call for people to keep talking about things that really matter. If you like what you see here please pass Dirt Path Press on to your friends. Next month we’re going to run the first annual “Get Your Friends on the Path” campaign; why not get a head start?

(Trying to live) In gratitude for the endless quest to mind my own damned business,
Nicole Lusiani 

Founder, Dirt Path Publishing  

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Honey, if it ain’t your tail, don’t wag it.
~Author Unknown



This Month’s Story 


Dresser Drawers


“…It’s easier to fuss and fume over somebody else’s slobbery, somebody else’s laziness, somebody else’s anything rather than dealing with the fact that I am no better than they are.”

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In the spirit of NOT minding our own business, Dirt Path Publishing honors those who recognize only in coming together are we a stronger America.




“The light of social justice flickers in brave corners, but it fizzles in isolation.

What would happen if that light shone in a bold constellation?

We’d create a movement.”

-The Groundswell Movement


Learn more about Groundswell‘s 9.11 project and get links to other 9.11 community projects

going on around the country.

 (The quilt shown above is from “The Day Our World Changed,” a children’s art exhibit about 9-11. Learn more about this exhibit at this website).


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Dirt Path Publishing is a company dedicated to helping people find new paths to success with everyday challenges. Inspired by our founder and her dog, Mario, we have abandoned life’s concrete path of certainty in favor of a dirt path, including all of the joy and chaos it brings.
We’re proud to have Dirt Path Press as our premier online publication and a brand new series of e-handbooks called, Skills I Wish I Learned in School, coming this fall. We look forward to other full length works coming soon.

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