Volume 1, Issue 10 The Call Of Kindness


Dirt Path Press


Volume 1, Issue 10

October 2011 


                        The Call of Kindness lgo_blk


October brings issue ten of the Dirt Path Press, an online newsletter written for anyone willing to tell the truth about life’s everyday challenges.


Our newsletter is two weeks late this month; I could make excuses, but they are no different from any one else’s and after I typed my apology, I decided to erase that too. Instead of heeding the call of unattainable perfection, I chose something different: kindness. There is no greater call to answer than the one kindness rings, perhaps most especially when it comes as the call to be kind to yourself.


This month’s story is a letter to an editor of a local paper where I teach. My students and our school have what people call “a reputation;” once they get to know us, however, they find an unexpected kindness. Seems that call rings even with kids people mistakenly pre-judge. And when someone steps up and acknowledges the misperception publicly, that is kindness paying itself forward.


Along those same lines, a special video comes with this issue. Click on the featured video link to find out what happens when you take time to help just three people.


Dirt Path Publishing could use your help as well. This month’s OurStory is not the story of our past, but of our future, the future of Dirt Path Press to be specific. We started this newsletter with a commitment to telling the truth about what really matters every month for an entire year. As we close in on our anniversary, we wonder, are we getting it right? We hope you will consider participating in our survey and, if you are feeling especially kind, passing our newsletter on to your friends.headshot


Living in gratitude for the kindness our world has to offer,
Nicole Lusiani

Founder, Dirt Path Publishing  

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Small acts, multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.
~Howard Zinn



This Month’s Story 


Unexpected Hospitality


Preparation and energy went into planning and carrying out their welcome. It was a mission they were living. I am filled with hope.”

Read the Letter

Featured Video 

Pay It Forward
Paying it Forward Pays Off



Issue by issue, we’re writing Ourstory.
As we near our one-year anniversary we wonder, are we getting it right?

Please be so kind as to take our ten question survey. All forms of praise and constructive criticism are both welcomed and appreciated.


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