Volume 1, Issue 8 Back to School


Dirt Path Press


Volume 1, Issue 8  

August 2011 


Back to School


Welcome to the eighth issue of Dirt Path Press, an online newsletter written for anyone looking for new and different ways to deal with life’s everyday challenges.

As summer comes to an end, the new school year is just beginning. Perhaps wanting to be a teacher since I was in the second grade predisposes me to a love for this time of year, but something about new school supplies and a first day of school outfit makes feels like I have a new chance to get it right each year. Best of all, what that “it” is gets to be unique to every individual every year.

Accordingly, this month’s issue of Dirt Path Press is dedicated to heading back to school. While tempted to write a detailed story about the terrible dreams teachers get this time of year or how my own kids are making me crazy enough to long for school to start, I chose instead include a story I wrote about this time last year just after my 20th high school reunion. Teacher or not, student or not, on such occasions we all have the chance to “go back to school” and, as you’ll read, I’m surely glad I did.

This month’s OurStory reminds us of the “Little Rock 9,” nine students who risked everything–and I mean everything–for the chance at a decent education. Today, education is a fundamental right guaranteed to every student in this country; its important to remember that was not always the case. Moreover, its important to honor the people who fought these battles so we would never have to.


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In gratitude for the gift of my education,
Nicole Lusiani Elliott

Founder, Dirt Path Publishing  

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If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.
~Edgar W. Howe



This Month’s Story 


“Has it Really Been 20 Years?


“…we all have a seat at the table that is our lives,” she says. “I wasn’t there ten minutes before I remembered that.” Nicole Lusiani Elliott talks about her trip back to school, 20 years in the making.

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As we go back to school, Dirt Path Publishing honors the Little Rock Nine




I discovered that things were going to be violent. I had never really been in a position where people came at me so violently. I had no idea that grownups could act up and misbehave like this… as a child you don’t really understand until they happen to you. These grownups were threatening to kill me…coming at me with baseball bats and pieces of brick, they were walking up to me, slapping me, spitting on me (just because I wanted to go to school).

Melba Beals, about her experience in 1957

As I read scenes in which Melba was spit on, thrown acid on, or threatened with death, I realized that my childhood and education starkly contrasts from Melba’s. Civil rights aside, I have not spent the last seventeen years as a student who treasures my education, daily counting it as a gift. Instead, I have most often held a sense of entitlement over my education. Melba, on the other hand, fought for a good education.

Sarah Greeson 2007

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