Volume 1, Issue 7: Freedom


Dirt Path Press


Volume 1, Issue 7  

July 2011 




Welcome to the seventh issue of Dirt Path Press, an online newsletter written for anyone looking for new and different ways to deal with life’s everyday challenges.

234 years ago America was born and with it, the promise of freedom for all Americans. As the cornerstones of this great nation were placed this challenge was both new and exciting but, if we were honest, it was also a time tainted by hypocrisy. Women were not invited to participate in creating the government, nor were men of color, nor any man who didn’t own land. And yet over the years the liberty bell called on the disenfranchised to rise up and demand their part of the promise. We’ve come a long way in our 234 years; we also have some work left to do.

In honor of Independence Day this month’s issue of the Dirt Path Press is dedicated to freedom, including the freedom for all of us to answer our personal calls to be and do what is right for us. For some of us that call means raising children, for others it means writing books…point being, whatever that call is, we all deserve the right to answer it.

This month’s story comes from new guest writer, Jeff Goins. His post opens with the Declaration of Independence and ends with the charge to “Say something worth saying.” Freedom of speech, it seems, is both a right and a responsibility.

It is said that a person who doesn’t know his history “doesn’t know he’s a leaf that’s a part of a tree;” as a history teacher for most of my adult life, I could not agree more. As such, we’ve added a new section to the Dirt Path Press titled, “(Our)story.” The historical quotes and photos that correlate to each month’s theme remind us that the issues we face today aren’t all that different than the ones we’ve faced in the past.


The dirt path issues its call for people to keep talking about things that really matter. If you like what you see here please pass Dirt Path Press on to your friends. 

In gratitude for the freedom to be me,
Nicole Lusiani Elliott

Founder, Dirt Path Publishing  

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America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Abraham Lincoln 



This Month’s Story 

“The Revolutionary Power of Words”


Guest writer Jeff Goins shares his thoughts on just how powerful we are when we are free to use our words. In his words, “Never, ever, ever underestimate the power your words have.”

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This Month’s Food For Thought
“It Gets Better” – Love, Pixar

What more fundamental freedom exists than the right to live our lives free of ridicule? Some pretty amazing employees at the equally amazing Pixar Studios have a message for our young LGBT Americans: you have the right to be as free as everybody else and if you can hold on, “It Gets Better.”


Dirt Path Publishing honors the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders



…there was one of two things I had the right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one, I would have the other.

Harriet Tubman 1863

There will be a black baby born in Mississippi, and…he will be in prison…If I go to jail now it may help hasten that day when my child and all children will be free.

Diane Nash 1963

Dirt Path Publishing is Taking Shape!


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Moving ever forward, Dirt Path Publishing is in the process of developing a new look and logo for our company.

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Dirt Path Publishing is a company dedicated to helping people find new paths to success with everyday challenges. Inspired by our founder and her dog, Mario, we have abandoned life’s concrete path of certainty in favor of a dirt path, including all of the joy and chaos it brings. We’re proud to have Dirt Path Press as our premier online publication and a brand new series of handbooks called, Skills I Wish I Learned in School coming this fall. We also look forward to full length works such as ACT: The Team in Your Classroom, Wildflowers Don’t Grow in Rows, and What Can they Teach Us?

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