Volume 1, Issue 6: Courage

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Volume 1, Issue 6       

June 2011       


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Welcome to the sixth issue of Dirt Path Press, an online newsletter written for anyone looking for new and different ways to deal with life’s everyday challenges.

Having courage, there’s a challenge. Deeper than bravery, more honorable than arrogance, driven by confidence, and fueled by faith, this thing we call courage is something that calls on us as if to ask, “You think so? Prove it.”

And our reply either steps up to the plate and proves that we can or it walks back to the dug out to take a swing another day. When we step up and strike out, courage deals us another challenge: Try again or quit. Sadly, most people quit just before they swing for the bleachers. It’s too hard to try again because what if I fail, again?

This month’s story is about my uncharacteristicly calm view of a recent strike out and the idea that maybe courage is, at least in part, a natural extension of love.

Our entrepreneur of the month knows something about courage. Not only has she traveled around the world (which, for this homebody, seems like it might take more courage than I could muster!) she started her own photography business in the middle of a recession. Five years later she’s thriving in more ways than one.


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In gratitude for a lifetime of blessings,
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The only courage you ever need is to live your heart’s desire.

Oprah Winfrey 

headshotThis Month’s Story 

The Hidden Success in Every Failure


Nicole Lusiani Elliott learns that courage can help us see things in a whole new way.

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Joining Us on the Dirt Path of Life

Anne Kohler, Owner of Anne Kohler Photography

Featured recently in Alameda Magazine, Anne Kohler is an up and coming photographer who is a local phenom at places like the Blue Dot Cafe, where she’s sold more than 50 pieces of her work in the last few years.


While other photographers take pictures, Anne creates art.

“It’s scary to put yourself out there,” she says, “to open up something you love to the criticism of others.” But she did it, and continues to do it, much to the delight of her clients and customers. Having the courage to create a career out of something she loves has enriched her life exponentially; the gift of her art does the same for us.

Be it on the side of a barn or  a racing on a speed boat, Anne and her camera work wherever they are called. Her favorite part is spending time with the new people she gets to meet when she’s shooting their photographs. “I also love the buzz I get from my creative releases. I come home from a shoot almost shaking with excitement!”

According to Anne, courage is “doing something you are afraid of, something that is not considered the safe choice, or the ‘normal’ choice. Courage is having the strength to face your innermost fears and doing it with all your effort and with you whole heart.”

When you see Anne’s work you know above all it’s done with heart which, as far as Dirt Paths go, is the key to unlocking any kind of courage that matters.

For more information, email Anne or visit her website.




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